Two Lawmakers Defend Against Anti-Trans Bigotry

Republican Missouri State Representative Chuck Basye introduced an amendment to a new bill that would give local school districts the power to call elections to choose if transgender girls can play school-sponsored girls’ sports. In response, Representative Ian Mackey, who is openly gay, defended the trans community. Mackey asked Basye why Basye’s brother did not tell his family he was gay. Basye replied: “He thought that, uh, we would hold that against him and not let my children be around him.” Here was Mackey’s reply.

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Everything Wrong With Ron DeSantis

On February 24, 2022, the Florida House passed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which moved to Governor Ron DeSantis’ desk. He signed it on March 25.

What is the “Don’t Say Gay” bill? It’s formally known as Senate Bill 1834 and House Bill 1557, “Parental Rights in Education”. (Note that euphemism, “parental rights”. It comes up in all sorts of arenas, and essentially means encouraging ultra-conservative parents to keep their kids in their conservative bubble.)

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