A Materialistic Defense of Transgender Identity

Some time ago Richard Dawkins, arguably the world’s foremost atheist, tweeted that he does not consider transgender women to be actual women, and that he only calls them “she” out of courtesy. Commenting on this tweet in his podcast The Briefing, Albert Mohler, one of the most prolific Southern Baptists and president of the largest Southern Baptist seminary in America, stated that this shows how Richard Dawkins is a “consistent materialist.”

In my discussions on social media, I have come across a few atheists who argue that my transgender identity (as a trans woman) indicates my belief in something metaphysical, a gender identity that transcends the body. Thus they proceed to argue that by being transgender, I am not a consistent materialist. Some Christians have also challenged me on this very point. In this article, I’d like to offer a materialistic and scientific defense of transgender identity.

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The Problem is not Abortion, it’s Unwanted Pregnancies

The pro-life movement is completely convinced by now that abortion is murder and must be eliminated, and then all will be well. Some pro-lifers even have the nerve to call themselves “new abolitionists” (though they fail to realize that it was Christians who supported segregation most adamantly).

Abortions are not inherently good things, but when a person has an unwanted pregnancy, an abortion is the necessary way to solve this problem. But the problem is unwanted pregnancies. The symptom is abortions. Through a few simple strategies, we can solve much of the cases of unwanted pregnancies without abortions.

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How I Lost My Homophobia

I was raised in a traditionalist Baptist home that held to good old-fashioned “family values”, one of the most important being that God established marriage to be the permanent union of a man and a woman. This idea was ingrained into me when I was very young, and I certainly did not know anyone who did not follow this pattern.

That all changed in ninth grade, when I went to public school for the first time.

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The Flagrant Unconstitutionality of the National Day of Prayer

Today, on May 5th, the American president is required by law to sign a proclamation each year urging all Americans to pray. The law was enacted in 1952, and represents one of the most egregious violations of America’s constitutional order. It was unsuccessfully challenged in court, but its unconstitutionality needs to be regularly reiterated.

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Upcoming Marvel Movie Will Feature Lesbian Superhero

Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, the latest Marvel movie, will be in theaters Friday of this week (May 6). The movie will include an approximately 12-second scene featuring a lesbian superhero talking about her lesbian moms. The superhero’s name is America Chavez, played by actress Xochitl Gomez.

This comes in the wake of LGBTQ+ inclusive Marvel superheroes and storylines, including a gay superhero and his husband in the movie Eternals. Saudi Arabia withheld the release permit until Disney (which owns Marvel) would cut the scene, which Disney refused to do. Eternals was also banned across the Persian Gulf states for featuring the gay superhero.

Though the scene in the upcoming movie is short, these characters and plotlines are a major step toward increased LGBTQ+ inclusivity in one of the hottest superhero franchises in the world. At present no trans or non-binary characters exist in any of the MCU movies, but it’s likely to come soon.